Who I am

Hi, I'm Hannah Rosenkranz, a graphic designer from Germany.
I grew up in a small village close to the Bavarian border that has fewer inhabitants than some high-rise buildings. From an early age on I felt the need to be creative and developed the urge to travel. I moved to Stuttgart, studied at Pforzheim University and realized that it is possible to merge my passion for design and travel while working in Morocco. I draw inspiration from versatile cultures and people I encounter in order to further develop my design and personality. Currently working for fashion in Berlin.

I graduated from Pforzheim University of Applied Arts in Germany in summer 2015 with a Bachelor degree in Visual Communication. Working 6 month for Younes Duret Design in Marrakech, Morocco and for design studios in Germany such as Projekt Triangle, Stankowski + Duschek, Die Crew and SWR Radio, I am currently working for various fashion brands in Berlin.

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