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  • Marni x LOVE

    biggest smile of the month due to Marni x LOVE by Ethan James Green

  • Who would have ever expected that?

    Heidi got fame in Saudi Arabia, bad quality but not enough Arabic skills to find something better…

  • 000039-2_670.jpg


    A great one will be missed

  • Hyojoo x Lacey x Vogue Japan


  • Christmas mood

    Getting into the mood — couldn’t escape…

  • GT America Typeface

    Hey GT America, you and your website look amazing!

  • You don’t wanna be without them—ever!

    Happy and proud to be part of the new branding and concept for MAI PIÙ SENZA! #MAIgirls



  • Jonathan Harris |

    How could I miss out on this great project by Jonathan Harris last year? Please check “The Internet is a miraculous tool, but all too often, it affects us like a drug. Many of its popular apps, news websites, and social networks have been carefully designed to addict and distract, so they can harvest…

  • Liza Lettering

    Liza grew up since the last time she wrote me a love letter in Amsterdam